WR: AGI wants land for Industrial Parks

Newly elected President of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) Dr. Yaw Adu Gyamfi says the association is looking for land in the Western Region to develop into an Industrial Park.

Dr. Adu Gyamfi states the industrial park will assemble businesses in one area where cost of doing business would be shared.

This way, the President says businesses that otherwise would have collapsed due to mounting utility bills and other operating costs would be saved.

He indicates the Association has advanced in its discussion with stakeholders in the Ashanti Region to get one thousand acres of land for an industrial park.

“We have had regional seminars across the country on the issue of the One district One factory and as a matter of fact, in Ashanti Region we have gone far. We have met the regional minister and the traditional overlord and they have promised 1000 acres of land where we can develop into an industrial park where companies can relocate to do business”.

Dr. Adu Gyamfi explains India and the U.S.A have industrial parks which have contributed immensely to survival and optimal performance of businesses.

“The idea of industrial parks is not new as countries like India and U.S.A have industrial parks and perhaps that explains why they have buoyant industries and we hardly hear of industries collapsing in these countries”.

Dr. Adu Gyamfi is of the conviction that the establishment of an industrial park will be the panacea to the collapse of small businesses as it will provide the needed business climate for them to thrive.

“When you set up a business here in Ghana the cost of electricity and water alone can collapse it. That is why small businesses don’t thrive… we need an industrial park so that our small businesses can go there, where they will be able to have access to electricity and pertinent factors of doing business”.



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