Adapt to modern trends – Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts Minister to film makers

The Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts Mrs. Catharine Afeku is urging film makers in the country to take advantage of emerging technology to produce quality movies with good story lines that will make them stay competitive on the global market.

According to the sector minister, inasmuch as there is an influx of foreign movies in the country, the movie industry can leverage on the rich cultural history of Ghana and produce quality movies which can rival other movies in the world.

“The quality of some of the films you churn out leave much to be desired. While many of your movies focus on superstition, and are only good at witchery and crime stories, others are just monotonous on domestic querulous life and animosities”

“The Ghanaian expects you to come out with good and credible movies that tell the real story of their lives… you must explore from our mythical, legendary and historical themes to make your stories. You must produce movies that not only entertain, but educate and shape the perception of Ghanaians of the world around them”.

Hon. Afeku was speaking at the FIMO GHANA CONFERENCE which was held at the OBIRI COMPLEX in the Sekondi – Takoradi Metropolis in the Western Region. The conference seeks to revamp the movie industry within the region.

Addressing a gathering of movie industry players within the region, she noted that calls for the ban on telecasting telenovelas is immature.

“We are operating in an open market economy which means that, our movies can travel to other market and vice versa, for instance if you go to Nigeria and USA they watch some of our movies… again this very government repelled the criminal libel law meaning we do not support censorship so in an effort to support this industry we cannot censor or ban contents from other countries”.

She therefore tasked them to incorporate emerging technology in their line of work “as technology is evolving the industry can deploy new media platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other video blogs to promote Ghanaian movies and expand its market”.

Mrs. Afeku advised stockholders in the Ghana Movie Industry to be decent and professional whenever they are in their line of duty.

She cautioned them to settle all forms of dispute and have a united industry.

“My ministry and the government will not entertain the fragmentation and division in the creative arts sector, especially, with the producer groupings and the artists’ front… for a house divided against itself cannot stand. The government will only be able to assist your course if, as sector players you bury your and unite for common purpose to improve yourselves towards national development”

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