Adversities of Oil Find: Child prostitution on the ascendancy in STMA

It has emerged that child prostitution is on the ascendency in Sekondi-Takoradi, now called the oil city of Ghana.  City Mayor Anthony KK Sam tells Skyy news, the menace has exacerbated since the Jubilee oil find. He observed that girls are being drawn into the act from several communities and other West African. He mentioned spots like the VIENNA CITY night club, Sekondi European town, places around Akroma Plaza hotel and a host of others as flash spots for these underage sex workers.  He noted school dropout is also on the rise as a result of this deviancy.

“Prostitution is on the rise because of the oil discovered in the region. In  Takoradi, places like the Vienna city, Akroma and the rest, you see children engaged in this ungodly act. So at a certain point, they don’t become interested in school anymore because of the money they get from the ‘job’ they are doing. So this has increased the level of school drop-outs in the metropolis” Mr. Sam said.

Mr. KK Sam added that, people of the metropolis grumble because they are unemployed though the oil has been discovered in the region.

He stated: “The people Sekondi Takoradi had high hopes when oil was discovered in the region. Most people thought since the oil has been found, their livelihood was going to change they were going to be employed. However, that was not the case; they were not prepared enough to be employed in the oil industry, so they tend to complain often that though the oil was discovered in the region people from elsewhere are employed for the job”

Metropolitan Director for the Department of Social Welfare, Deborah Kwabea in an interview on the Jolly Breakfast Show today, emphasized the situation is very dire. She stressed the impact of the oil find is very devastating particularly within the socio-ecological lives of the people in the Western Region.

“what we are saying is that, if it comes to policy development you don’t only think about the economic impact, think of the social impact and get all the stakeholders involved from that stage, so that we forestall what might occur or even if it happens we know what measures to take” Mrs Kwabea recommended.


Story: Jeanelle Jones/skyypowerfm

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