Ahanta West District Assembly: Any property owner without toilet after December will be prosecuted

Any landlord or property owner in the Ahanta West District who do not have a toilet facility attached to the property by December will be prosecuted.

The assembly has therefore given property owners the next three months to ensure that they comply.

Head of the Environmental Health Department of the assembly Owusu Sekyere further cautioned landlords to convert one of their rooms into a toilet facility if they do not have any.

In a Skyy news interview Mr. Owusu warned the assembly will not grant building permit to developers who fail to include a toilet facility in their building plan.

These are measures the assembly is instituting in its bid to end open defecation.

According to Mr. Owusu residents in houses without toilet facilities are practicing what he termed “volleying” where they package their excreta in a black polythene bag and throw it behind their buildings.

He said some also mix it with their refuse and dump them at the final disposal site.

“There are some places you can’t even pass of the smell”.

He indicated open defecation is worse along the coastal communities in the district.

“When you go to the beaches, the practice is worse. You will see people along the coast of Dixcove, Cape 3 points, New Amanful doing their own thing there. Their excuse is always that they don’t have a place to do it apart from the beach”.

Mr. Owusu stated the assembly has sent letters to all assembly members to inform their electorate that it will be a crime not to have a toilet facility in their homes after December.

“For Agona we’ve sent circular around through the assembly members that by December 2017 any house or any landlords who has no toilet in his house will be taken to court”.

“This week we are sending letters to Dixcove. We want to pick some of the big towns and proceed gradually”.

“The message is clear that by March 2018 every household in Ahanta West should have a toilet facility, he noted.

“For those who need help the assembly is willing to help”.

According to him, “We were supposed to have started a long time ago but we decide to give ourselves the next three months for the properties owners to make the necessary adjustments”.

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