Akatakyi is ready to give government 100 acres for regional hospital – Nana Bozza IX

The Chief of Ahanta –Akatakyi, in the Ahanta West District Nana Bozza IX is prepared to lease over 100 acres of land to government for the construction of a new regional hospital to ease the pressure on the Effia Nkwanta hospital.

The Manhwere of Ahanta is stressing that “the Akatakyi stool is ever ready to give out over 100 acres of land for the construction of a new regional hospital here in Akatakyi to augment activities at the Effia Nkwanta hospital which in fact is in a deplorable state now because it existing structures cannot sustain the numerous patient who come from both the upper and lower belt of the region to seek for medical attention”.

Recently there has been calls for the region to have a new regional hospital, since Effia-Nkwanta Hospital which was built in 1938 has been overstretched.

On a recent tour of the region President Nana Addo also admitted there is the need for the region to get a recognized regional hospital apart from the Effia Nkwanta hospital.

Nana Bozza IX recounted that he had earlier approached the regional health directorate with his desire to give them land for the regional hospital when discussion started some years back.

But he said after an inspection he did not hear from the directorate again.

According to him it was later that he was told the land is far from the main road.

Nana Bozza IX refuted the reason stressing that other regional hospitals were initially built far away but it was later that development went there.

“If we can have a Technical University here and the distance is not a problem, why can’t we have a regional hospital also here”, he asked

He indicated that once the hospital is built it will invariably attract people who will in turn set up businesses that will feed the hospital.

“The Komfo Anokye and the Korle Bu regional hospital were not sited in cities they were far away. But it was the presence of the hospital that brought development and expansion… so l don’t buy the argument that building a regional hospital at Akatakyi is far away… l find it hard to buy that notion”.

Nana Bozza IX noted he still holds fast to his desire to lease land for the hospital.

“So am ready to provide government with the land space required for the construction of a new regional hospital…which will serve the numerous communities”, he said

He said: “l will not hesitate if the minister hears my voice now and ask for lands here… l am willing to give it to them at a very small token which is customary”, he said.

Nana Bozza XI stated that having a regional hospital at Akatakyi will save lot of life.

“The absence of a regional hospital has caused the death of many children and women whose life could have been saved if the regional had another hospital with the repute of Effia Nkwanta Hospital” he observed.

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