Ankobra Beach: German Carpenters tapping into Ghana’s Bamboo industry

Some carpenters from Germany are tapping into Ghana’s Bamboo industry and are involved in all forms of artworks including furniture making, charcoal burning, and watershed protection among others at the Ankobra Beach resort in the western region of Ghana.
The Germans have been building trash cans, chairs and many others from bamboo. They indicated, the craft was learnt  from Ghanaian carpenters. According to them, their trash cans, tables and chairs made from Ghana bamboo are being distributed to schools and other institutions for use.

One of the Germans, Naadean Hudders in an interview with our Skyy News, said she found Ankobra Beach Resort, when she was looking for an opportunity to impact the lives of other people. She adds that the experience so far has been fulfilling.

“I was searching for an opportunity to help people and also do something in other country and I found Ankobra beach, so I contacted them over the phone number from their website and came to learn the craft. Right now I’m building a trash can for the schools and for Ankobra beach, so they can put their plastic waste and everything in there so that they do not always have to search for plastic bags and put their waste in it or they do not have to put their waste into the streets or in the sea. These waste cans are also more environment friendly,” Naadean Hudders said.

According to her, she and her friends are open to all interested persons who want to learn the craft. She said they came from Germany to learn the skill from the local people, and are therefore willing to give back to anybody who is also interested and willing to learn.

“We came from Germany to learn this in Ghana (Ankobra Beach), so we are open to teaching all interested persons. It’s a source of employment. I am a carpenter in Germany and I want to see how it works here and also learn how carpenters work in Ghana,” Naadean Hudders added.
There are wide ranges of skills being executed by these Germans using bamboos at the Ankobra Beach Resort. These, according to managers of the Ankobra Beach Resort, are helping to promote local tourism in the country and also boost the use of Ghana made products.

Another thing they are doing is the use of a new technology to generate charcoal out of bamboo. This, according to the Production Manager for the Charcoal Processing Area, John Aliudu Mahama, is empowering the use of bamboo charcoal in the area, since the use of charcoal made from bamboo is environmentally friendly as less smoke is released into the atmosphere during use.

These came to light when journalists toured the Ankobra Beach Resort as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations. Journalists were taken through the beautiful beaches and environment of the resort. Chief Executive Officer of Ankobra Beach Resort, Prof. Kwame Addae indicated that the resort, since its inception, has embarked on several Corporate Social Responsibility programmes including the training of interested persons in the Bamboo craft, provision of boreholes in their catchment area, and provision of hospital equipment for the Ekwe Government Hospital. They also have a scholarship scheme where over a thousand persons have already benefited.

The Ankobra Beach Resort has been operating in Axim for the past 25 years. It is located on the Esiama Highway, few meters before the Ankobra Bridge.

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