Audio: Adapting to Changes in Life

We are living in a fast changing world. Technology, government policy changes, global market forces and competition are real threats that sometimes change the fortunes of once’s success in life overnight.

Our mentor was very successful as a banker who rose through the ranks to head the Forex Department at head office. He specialized in servicing needs of major importers and built a solid reputation and frienship relationship with top clients.

A tsunami happened in the mid 1990’s in the financial market. The forex market was liberalized- opening the flood gates to private Forex bureau nationwide. At 57 years, our mentor had seen it all and had just three years to retire. His department faced extinction, his empire collapsed overnight. how does he respond?

Welcome to the Milonaire’s Mind with Auntie Adwoa- courtesy CAL Bank, Vodafone, Shell and Hit Music Studio.

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