Audio: The Power of the Mind.

The human mind is like a garden. You purposely cultivate and nurture it daily or it grows wild. Whichever choice you make, it brings forth some fruits.

If you cultivate and nurture your garden/mind you are sure of kind of fruit you would harvest and when, but if do not, you are not sure what you may harvest and when n weeds could be your harvest. You must install filters so you admit what you want into your mind. You are bombarded with virus media content, books and social media, friends and societal norms.

If you do not control what your mind thinks about and allow others n propaganda from politicians and pastors and everyone else control your mind, you wont achieve greatness. Please control your thoughts and what you think about and see the difference you see in your life. Get rid of toxic sources and read and learn from mentors. Solomon opted for wisdom; that is “mind power”.

Please invest in your mind power by reading and learning so you become most impactful in life.

I wish you a wonderful week.

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