Millionaires Mind

Her hobby is dancing.

Meet Mrs Adelaide Adwoa Amofah Arthur aka  Adwoa Amofah of Millionaire Mind fame.  Adwoa is a founding partner of Wilsad Support limited with her CEO husband now DCE of Wassa East – Hon Wilson Arthur and Mr Kennedy Arthur as the other partner. In 1998, Adwoa joined her partners  to celebrate Skyy Power …

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Productivity: A product of Knowledge, skill, attitude and environment

Productivity is a function of knowledge, skills, attitude and environment. Given same knowledge, skill, attitude, the environment can determine how effective and efficient one can be. It is gratifying to know about the exploits of Ghanaians in world organisations such as Kofi Annan when he was Boss of UNITED NATIONS, …

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Audio: Dealing with Challenges in Life

Challenges are real and they would continue plaguing us as a society. When we solve one, another will surface. Any society without challenges belong to another planet…..{Presumably}. Responses or solutions that society selects determine their level of progress and development. Same applies to individuals. Most often we overly rely on …

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Audio: The Power of the Mind.

The human mind is like a garden. You purposely cultivate and nurture it daily or it grows wild. Whichever choice you make, it brings forth some fruits. If you cultivate and nurture your garden/mind you are sure of kind of fruit you would harvest and when, but if do not, …

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Audio: Adapting to Changes in Life

We are living in a fast changing world. Technology, government policy changes, global market forces and competition are real threats that sometimes change the fortunes of once’s success in life overnight. Our mentor was very successful as a banker who rose through the ranks to head the Forex Department at …

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It pays to exercise!!!

Do you exercise your body routinely? Nine out of ten of us do not. Our excuse- we are too busy, we cannot squeeze in the time. Ironically we make time to watch EPL, that Telenovela and stay on WhatsApp for hours. If only you know the harm you are doing …

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