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Corruption at Lands Commission: ‘current staff are clean’ – Lands Commission Boss.

A strong defense against allegations of corruption at the Lands Commission has been made by a top official of the state agency in the Western Region.

The defense sought to alienate current staff of the division from cases of corruption allegations that have riddled the lands commission.

According to the Western Region Director for Public and Vested Lands Division of the Lands Commission, Angelina Awa, perpetuators of corruption purported to be undertaken at the commission are often “goro boys” and old staff of the commission.

She justifies that cases of corruption allegations leveled against the commission are investigated, and they often tend to be acts of persons other than their current staff.

“When we receive such information [allegations], we investigate to know the people involved. Most of the time, they are not staff of the commission. Its not because I am an officer of the Commission, so I am trying to be overly protective, but most of the time it is the people who come around; old staff of the commission who are on pension, doing one or two things around the premises or the so called goro-boys”, she clarified.

She stressed that personnel of the commission who are found culpable are made to refund monies taken from clients as well as execute the work for which the monies were taken.

“If it is about an officer, we will invite the parties, then the person making the allegation will state the allegation before the staff for him to defend or otherwise. When the investigations reveals the allegation is true, we either will make the staff refund the monies, and or we will cause him or her to do the work for which he or she took the money”

Mrs Awa in an interview with Skyy News noted, the commission in a bid to protect the interest of clients, has provided personality details on Identification cards of all staff of the commission.

She adds that clients could easily identify persons in active service by their tags. Again, she adds “a client service access unit” has been instituted by the commission to limit the extent of human interactions that fuels wrongful undertakings at the commission.

“In order to also curb direct interaction with clients who come to the Commission, we have created the Client Service Access Unit, so that you deal with those staff we have actually trained to deal with concerns”, Mrs Awa explained.

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