Court commences hearing on alleged oudooring of Akentenchie Divisional chief

The Sekondi District Court has commenced hearing of the case involving an alleged outdooring chief of Aketenchie Division in the Ahanta Traditional areas with out recourse to the king makers.

The case which involved three accused persons Nana Taiba ll, Kwaw Prah and Ernest Amoah has suffers couple of adjournment to enable the court to decide whether or not it has jurisdiction to trail the case.

Just this morning the court presided over by His worship Jonathan Avogo ruled to enable the case to be heard.

This saw the three accused persons being charged with Abetment, breaching the public peace and the third accused person, Kwaw Prah being charged with acting as a chief when not qualified.

The three accused person pleaded not guilty to their respective charges and we’re granted bail.

Presenting the fact of the case Surgent Patrick Amoh Mensah told the court that on 15th day of May 2015, Accused per person Kwaw Prah was secretly taken to Aketenchie township by Nana Taiba and Ernest Amoah and introduced him as the new chief of the town succeeding the late Nana Eben Ayeboafo VIII knowing very well that their action could spark violence in the town. The complaints Anthony David Nicol Sey Upon hearing the matter lodge a complaint with Nana Baido Bonsu XV, the Omahene on receipt of the information called and advised accused persons to rescind their decision for Peace to prevail but the accused person refused to heed to the said advised.

The prosecution added that the complainants upon pressure from the king makers, elders and entire citizenry of Aketenchie reported the case to the police station.

This led the police to the arrest of the three accused persons and subsequently being brough before the court.

Prosecution after presenting the facts before the court called In the complaints Anthony David Nicol Sey to commence trail.

The case has however been adjourned the 13th of March 2018.

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