Deal only with our office if you want a meter – ECG

The Western Region Public Relations Officer of the Electricity Company of Ghana Philip Osei Bonsu has observed with regrets complaints that the acquisition of new service meters is frustrating and exorbitant.

According to him “perhaps such challenges are being encountered because those customers are not using the approved means of acquiring their service meters”.

Residents in developing areas in the western region are complaining the amount charge for a service meter and subsequent installation is expensive.

They observe even though they are told the process is not costly they end up parting away with huge sums of cedis.

But Mr. Osei Bonsu noted the process is not cumbersome neither is the charge exorbitant.

“Acquiring our service shouldn’t be a problem. Once you go through the process, it is easy”.

Speaking to the regional PRO maintained “if you want our service the best place for you to go is our office”.

“Don’t go through middlemen. Just go to our office and that process will kick in and you will get our meter.

“What we have found out is that most people will want to go through the backdoor… You will end up paying unapproved rates”.

He advised residents in developing areas who want to acquire a meter to only come to their office.

“Go to our office tell them you want a separate meter, you want a new service, you want a one pole or two pole extension and they will take you through the process”.

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