A week ago, the DCE nominee for Ellembelle constituency was rejected overwhelmingly by the assembly members in the constituency. Stakeholders of the party in the constituency are saying, it was a vote for change, a vote against selfishness, autocracy, disrespect, and intimidation on the side of the nominees, Stephen Donkor.
I am saying it was a form of informal communication to the Western Regional secretariat of the Npp, the Western Regional coordinating council, the National Executive of the party and with all the expected respect, the presidency that the selection of a DCE cannot be made through the whims and caprices of any individual”.
The real issues are that the party has seriously been disintegrated into fragments. The mos serious of these fragmentations is the constituency chairman, the organizer (disappointed nominee) and Freddie Blay’s side of the divided groups against any other person(s) who supports the 2016 parliamentary candidate, Kwasi Bonzoh, popularly known as Bonzoh K.
What Freddie did was his selfish interest in leading his group, including the nominee and the chairman of the party to sack the constituency secretary (myself), the research officer and any other reputable member(s) who has the ambition to compete with their preferred candidate, Stephen Donkor.

Freddie Blay again supported the party chairman and the nominee to sell the only party vehicle we have in the constituency and did not make any effort to make replacement even though Freddie Blay was in charge for the distribution of party vehicles to the various constituencies. The only vehicle that the party used for the 2016 campaign was an old pick- up donated by a friend and Hon. Ken Agyapong’s car which the party chairman registered in his name and used for his private business throughout the campaign period.
One could observe that a greater force lead by Freddie Blay was pushing strong men from the party and these men were struggling for inclusion in the party that they have served for years.
Frankly speaking, the nominee is disrespectful, arrogant, autocratic, individualist, greedy, and divisive, so stakeholders are of the opinions that he cannot unite the party for 2020.
If the chairman of the party in the constituency and the nominee can write personal letters to sack most of the party executives and call meetings with so-called coopted members, most of them being their friends, without following due process, just to become a solely competitor, then what will happen if he is confirmed and controls security in the district?
After a knock- out of the nominee and all the associated problems in the constituency, Mr. Blay is still making frantic efforts to re-nominate Stephen Donkor without thinking of the unity of the party in Ellembelle and this has made me reminiscent of how he killed the CPP in Ellembelle.
In summary, Mr. Blay has not done anything worthy to manage the party in Ellembelle to select a DCE for us in Ellembelle because through his actions and inactions, we lost the seat in Ellembelle.

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