Don’t buy products without English labels- FDA warns public

The Public is advised to check on languages used on labels pasted on products they buy from the market. According to the Food and Drugs Authority, all regulated products must have English inscriptions and or other languages to inform consumers of the product, particularly manufacturing and expiration dates.

Director of the FDA, Western region, Abu Sumaila in an interview with Skyy News urged consumers to avoid the purchase and consumption of products without English labeling. He the authority routinely, through their market surveillances identify and confiscate them, in order to protect the consumers.

“ Just be sure that all information on a products are intact and is written in English, in Ghana the law state that should be written in English, there must be provision of English language on a product” he stated.

“We are trying to take products without English written out from the system, we’ve ask importers to redraw them, we also appeal to the general public not to buy products without English inscription”, Mr Sumaila revealed

Mr. Sumaila also warned that promos taken by retailers especially during the xmas festivity must always be subjected to critical value judgement. He continued that the authority does not allow promotions to be undertaken on medicinal products, and thus retailers and manufacturers of such products will be sanctioned.

He therefore appeal to the general public not to purchase plenty products because it has a cheap price because some promotion of products have a week to expire.


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