Yunos Mohammed

“Don’t use my name to campaign against Party Chairman”- Aspiring WR NDC Organiser

An aspiring Youth Organiser for the Western Region Chapter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Yunos Mohammed has warned “propagandist” in the party to refrain from using his person as an instrument to campaign against the incumbent Regional Chairman, Michael Aidoo, in the coming Executive Elections.

Yunos Mohammed adds that though he is not supporting the candidature of any aspirant in the executive election, he will not entertain any lies said to mar the hard won integrity of the Chairman.

“What I will not accept is lies about the regional chairman. Using me to lie about him… I won’t accept it. People are going round saying…now Yunos Mohammed is at loggerheads with the regional chairman. God forbid it!” he lamented.

He asserted that it would be ungrateful on his part to perpetuate such act against the Chairman.

“Someone lifting you up and then you turn your back on the person? What kind of person do you think I am? The man lifted me up. This was the man who promised me that he will never let me be a useless person on this earth. And indeed the man started something and I saw it” he justified.

Mr Mohammed explained such critics and others in the party had never liked the Regional Chairman since he expressed the intent to contest elections in the party. He noted Mr Aidoo’s exceptional attributes, he believes threatens them.

“Big Aidoo right from day one, when he was coming on board some people at the top didn’t like it. They had their own reasons and me too I’m imagining their reasons” he noted.

He continued “Big Aidoo as man… when you meet him it’s not that big as you hear it. It is the brain that is big. In fact the brain is very, very big. Where somebody can enter, Big Aidoo can enter and pass through the backdoor and move away. So I think some people were not comfortable”


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