Double track policy may end in September- Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education has hinted that the Double track enrollment policy is likely to be discontinued, should government’s target of improving infrastructure for the various senior high schools this year be materialized.

The assurance is grounded in the fact that parliament last year approved a 1.5 billion dollar credit facility to support the development of educational infrastructure across the country.

Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Education, Vincent Ekow Assafuah in an interview with Host of the Jolly Breakfast Show, Samuel Kojo Brace noted that the ministry had anticipated to discontinue the double track system within a 5-6 year window, whiles it work at building these infrastructure.

“What the minister said was that we are hoping that with the 1.5 billion dollars approved earlier by cabinet… that the 1.5 billion will be able to assist us build the infrastructure that we all desire to have. So what it means is that going to the six year, students are not going to be on the double track”, he explained.

“So it means that first year is confirmed, we are going to have their double track. But those who are going to the second year, are not going to have their double track depending on the level of infrastructure that we will be able to put in pale in the next sixteen months”, Mr Ekow Assafuah indicated.

Mr Ekow Assafuah however clarified that the double track system may not entirely as against the speculated time period. He assured of government’s commitment to at least develop a majority of these infrastructure in the shortest possible time.

“We are not ending the double track entirely, we are the double track for the second year. What it means is that the government has decided to use the 1.5 billion approved by cabinet to improve the educational infrastructure in the country”, he reiterated.

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