Double track system: Register, attend school now, lest forfeit enjoying Free SHS this year- GES

Parents, guardians and students are being urged to register with their placed schools as soon as possible lest they forfeit benefits accruing to the Free SHS programme, should they postpone the exercise to next academic year.

This according to the Public Relations Officer for the Ghana Education Service, Western Region, Elizabeth Etroo Betty should guide decisions around the education of the Ghanaian child in the senior high school.

She told Skyy News’ Abraham Mensah, students in such circumstances would have to re-sit the BECE exam- private examination next year to be eligible for the Free SHS programme next academic year on condition they pass their exams.

“If you are a student and you don’t register or go through the admission process this year, then it means the person has forfeited his or her opportunity enjoying the free SHS. So in this case the student will have to register and re-sit the private BECE before he or she can access the free SHS the following year”, she emphasised.

She however entreated parents and students to exercise patience in securing admissions at the various schools their wards have been placed in.

“I would advice parents to exercise patience and go through the process… and those who don’t qualify as I said earlier should go and register and write the private BECE so that they can have the opportunity of enjoying the free SHS next academic year

Asked if parents or students could swap their assigned schooling calendar/stream, Western Region SHS Coodinator, Theresa Dickens mentioned that the system is complicated. She clarified that students would have to attend to their schools as within their designated stream.

“Nobody can change it however, the schools can do their own internal arrangement when the need arises but they have to stick to the gold and then the green tracking that they have been given. I don’t think they will be any hard and fast rule as to how this will be done but categorically they are all going through, if it is green, green if it is gold, gold! No parents has the opportunity to say I want my child to be in green or gold”, she clarified.

She however mentioned that some schools depending on some circumstances could opt for an internal mechanism to alternate the two academic streams for the pupils.

“Of course there may be an exceptional case, lets say if a child is placed in green and maybe the child is hospitalized or is indisposed or anything, even with that the parents will have to write official to the school so that if it happens that way then the child may be added unto the gold track so that the child would also have equal opportunity to school”, Mrs Dickens elaborated.


Story: Abraham Mensah/Skyy News



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