Electoral commission snubs Tarkwa Nsuem municipal Assembly presiding election to celebrate Easter Holidays

There is a seeming confusion at the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal Assembly as the Officer from the Electoral Commission mandated to oversee the election of the Presiding Member for the Assembly on Wednesday, refused to show up at the voting grounds.

Reports indicates the Electoral Commissioner assigned to conduct the elections gave an excuse that he is going on break for Easter holidays.

Member of Parliament for Tarkwa Nsuem Constituency, Geroge Mireku Dukar, who left his parliamentary duties to attend to the election was angry at the turn of events. He says the electoral commission has put an indictment on the integrity of Tarkwa Nsuaem.

“I had other commitments as far as parliament is concerned but I had to abandoned those commitments because of the respect I have for the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal assembly, I only got here to be told that the electoral commission has indicated verbally to the coordinating director that he is going to celebrate his Easter holidays meanwhile today is 28th of March which is not an official holiday so I don’t see why an official working for the progress of the country can say I am going on vacation at this point in time, I’m a Christian who also celebrate Easter but today is not a holiday that is why I am here,” Mr Mireku Dukar said.

He is blaming the Municipal Coordinating Director and the Electoral Commission for causing such mayhem in the municipality since no written document as to why the Electoral Commission could not attend the function, was not served to members of the assembly.

“I will put the blame on the institution of the assembly led by the coordinating director and the EC. It is very unfortunate, how can you bring all these heads of institutions and assembly members together expecting the EC to come and conduct an election of this sort and the EC telling us that he is travelled to celebrate Easter holidays? Mr. Mireku Dukar asked.

The meeting of the assembly came to a halt when the electoral commission refused to show up. The election to elect a new presiding member had to be postponed to an unspecified date.

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