Four culture centers to be completed this year – NCC BOSS

The Executive Director for the National Commission on Culture (NCC), Madam Janet Edna Nyame has revealed that  stakeholders are working hard to complete the Center for National Culture (CNC) in four regions including Western Region.

She made this known on the Jolly Breakfast Show on Skyy Power FM, Friday, 27th July, when she was speaking to Samuel Kojo Brace on the uncompleted Western Regional CNC, that has been left for close to a decade. The construction has lasted for well over 20 years without completion.

Over the last one week, the Jolly Breakfast Show team on Skyy Power FM have led a campaign to get Authorities to take a second look at the uncompleted Western Region Culture Centre situated at Fijai, Takoradi. They uncovered that governments over the years have done little to get the project completed. Through their work, the Architectural & Engineering Services Limited (AESL), Consultants to the project, revealed that for the last ten (10) years, governments have not budgeted even a penny for the project.

According to the AESL, the last time a government budgeted for the Culture Centre in Takoradi was in 2008, and even that, it was a meager thirty thousand Ghana cedi (30,000.00), which they said could not do much compared to the quantum of money required to complete the project.

Madam Janet Edna Nyame addressing the concerns raised, assured listeners that by the end of this year all the four uncompleted theaters in the country will be completed and ready for use.

“We are working hard to get all the uncompleted regional centers completed and we are sure by the close of the year we would have finished these projects,” she said.

She said the four (4) centers are around 70 to 75 per cent complete, and needed some renovations and little work to get them set for the public.

Mad. Janet Edna Nyame added that, meetings were being held with contractors to get them on site by next month, hopefully.

“We are currently meeting with contractors to get them to finish the projects, and we are ready to give them all the necessary requirements they need to complete the work” she mentioned.

She therefore urged citizens to exercise patience and support them to see to the completion of these four (4) centers.


Story By: Helena Cromwell/Skyy News/Takoradi.


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