Prof Kwesi Yankah

Free SHS is not intact, Double track Enrollment System to rescue 180,000 additional students- Prof Yankah

Ghana’s Sector Minister in –charge of Tertiary education Professor Kwesi Yankah has asserted that the double track enrollment policy would augment and improve government’s effort at providing access to education for all children. He argued that the Free SHS policy is insufficient to absorb all beneficiaries, adding an additional 180,000 students whom would have been excluded with the normal Free SHS enrollment system will be placed in various educational institutions in the double track enrollment policy.

“This policy is in no way a signal that the Free SHS policy is intact. No! Just as with the Free SHS policy, the first year enabled 90,000 extra students to go to high school, the double track enrolment is coming to rescue some 180,000 students whose educational future could be curtailed or jeopardise”, he mentioned.

In simple terms, he noted “these boys and girls are stranded. Let us gracefully rescue these kids at a critical path of their life. Let us be compassionate else posterity will never forgive us”

Prof Kwesi Yankah continued that the policy will optimize the usage of classroom space to impact knowledge in children.

“Instead of using classrooms for part of the year, why don’t we optimize the use of space by teaching the first part and whiles the classrooms and other facilities lie idle, another part comes in. It simply states, let’s not waste unutilized space whilst our kids are stranded.

This system which will commence in September 2018 is aimed at ensuring quality education and reducing congestion that came alongside the Free SHS initiative.

Prof Yankah made this disclosure at the 10th congregation of the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa last Saturday.


Story: Abraham Mensah

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