Galamsey fight: Ghana a test case for other West African Countries- WR Minister

Ghana’s success at eliminating the menace of illegal mining would serve as a major reference for several other countries particularly West African Countries faced with a similar challenge, Western Regional Minister Dr Kwaku Afriyie has established.

Dr Afriyie contends the country has been central to global lenses on how it deals with the illegal mining issue and as such stressed government would not relent in its effort to address the exploitative and eco-degradable activities of the operation.

“Small scale mining is also an emerging problem in La côte d’Ivoire and how we go about it will provide the temperate for fighting this environmental menace in West Africa in particular and other areas in the world” he noted.

Speaking at the 10th Congregation of the University of Mines and Technology (UMaT), Tarkwa, Dr Afriyie commended the University for partnering government in fighting the canker.

’’ Your preparedness and readiness to support this national course need to be recommended and I am aware of how quickly you put together this assignment when you were called upon by the Ministry of Environment, science and technology and innovation to assist” he commended.

Dr. Kwaku Afryie assures the people of Tarkwa that in a short possible time the government will lift the ban of galamsey.

“I would like to restate the promise made by the President at the recently health sensitization workshop on elimination of illegal mining for traditional authorities that the ban of illegal mining will be lifted soon but this can be done I’d we have a complete control over how the small scale mining is deployed” he reassured .

Dr Afriyie proffered that the usage of excavators be curtailed if we are to eliminate the canker, stressing “the way forward is to consider the control or maybe severerly regulate the use of excavators”

“The underlying problem with galamsey in Ghana is the control of excavators. If you close your eyes and you imagine that there is no excavator in any district in Ghana then galamsey would be solved. Therefore, the way forward is how to control plans eliminate or severely regulate the use of excavators. I am afraid from my perspective if we don’t control the excavators use in the small scale mining sector, all our efforts will be in vain. Tarkwa is at the epic centre of galamsey” he admonished.

He called for a collective support from the citizenry and stakeholders to help address the challenge.

“All of us should believe in the national course, should buy into the vision of H.E Nana Akufo Addo whose district also is infested with galamsey. The president needs everybody’s help, he is not against small scale mining, but he is against the secretion of the environment because that is what it amounts to” he advised.


Story: Abraham Mensah/Jeannele Jones

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