Ghana’s asset declaration regime is a joke – Auditor-General Domelevo

“When I assumed office, I got to know about asset declaration. I took the constitution I read it, I took the Act, I read it and I concluded this is not asset declaration, this is asset concealment. What do you call declaration over here?”“People come, they collect the form and they bring back sealed and God knows what is inside the form and of course, I can tell you that mine I think it contained the form. Like he said, so when I was declaring mine to the Presidency, I didn’t seal it. …it’s a complete joke what we call asset declaration in Ghana. We either forget about it so that we free up space in my office, because it is also eating up our space, so it is better we forget about it and free up space for my staff to use or we should do it well.”

“I don’t see why we can’t do an online submission of this form, it is verified and archived electronically, you don’t need that paper.”

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