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Government to launch Standardised Framework for Client Service Centers in Public Sector Institutions

In a bid to improve service delivery in our various public sector institutions, government, through the implementation of the National Public Sector Reform Strategy 2018-2023, will establish a standardize framework for the preparation of Client Service Centers.

This would see to the mainstreaming and revamping of the Client Service Centers in all public sector institutions, and as well, regulate their implementation.

Speaking at a mini-launch and sensitization of the National Public Sector Reform Strategy 2018-2023 on Wednesday 3 October, 2018 in Takoradi, Chief Executive Officer for the Public Sector Reforms, Thomas Kusi Boafo hinted the framework will be launched soon so that the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies, and Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies could adopt it into their regular functions.

“To attach importance to this management tool, which has made considerable impact in other jurisdictions, it is intended that the standardised format for the preparation of CSCs will be launched soon, to ensure its adoption or adaption by all Ministries, Departments and Agencies, and Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies”, he noted.

Mr Kusi-Boafo disclosed that government has instituted plans to improve conditions of work at all public sector institutions. He added that government has taken steps to ensure adherence to a culture of maintenance of public assets and properties.

“There is going to be a review of public sector compensation in its entirety, with the institution of a suitable performance based reward system to help guarantee increased productivity. There is also going to be a review and upgrading of office space, and the provision of the necessary tools and equipment to improve the conditions of work in the public sector”, Mr Kusi Boafo stressed.

He added that “a central assets and inventory management system to take stock of all physical assets in the public sector will be established”


Story: Abraham Mensah/Skyy News

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