Ignore threats by poultry farmers – Association President

President of the Poultry Farmers Association of Ghana, Victor Oppong Adjei, is asking the public to ignore threats by some poultry farmers that they will deliberately hide disease outbreaks on their farms because they have not been paid compensations for the 2015 bird flu outbreak.

Speaking on Skyy Headline News Tuesday, Mr Oppong Adjei said it will be strange for any poultry farmer to watch his own birds die without doing anything about it.

“There’s no way a poultry farmer can hide a bird flu affected bird. The moment your bird dies you are in a hurry to go to the veterinary to do a post mortem to find what exactly killed the bird. It is there that they will determine the kind of disease that killed the bird and if it happens to be bird flu you cannot say you will not allow them to destroy them or you are going to bring them to the market. They will just come and kill all the birds and give you your compensation.”

He said over 1m Ghana cedis was paid as compensation in 2015.

“The matter on the ground is somewhere 2015 we had this outbreak of bird flu some farmers were paid. About 22 farmers were paid to the tune of 1.141million Ghana cedis.”

According to him the fact that farmers were not paid compensation for their destroyed birds in the 2015 outbreak is a surprise to him.

“In fact, we did not know they had not been compensated, it was recently that we went to a meeting and it came out so immediately I went to the Veterinary Directorate to take the details which I have written a letter, attached the names to it to the ministry, and copied to Parliamentary Select Committee for immediate action. So I was surprised when I heard some farmers are saying they have not been paid so they will not report any bird flu issue”

He revealed the names of 35 farmers had come up as being owed a total sum of 1.448million Ghana cedis. He again explained that the funds approved by Parliament were not only for compensation.

“Parliament approved 11m Ghana cedis for the compensation and combating the virus so we did not know that those farmers are not paid until recently that we came across the names. I thought it had been paid because the money was approved long ago.”

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