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I’m no stranger to the NPP in the Western Region- aspiring Regional Chairman tells propagandist

An aspiring Western Regional Chairman for the New Patriotic Party, Benjamin Armah has shot down allegations of being “unknown and opportunist”, leveled against him by some party members in the region. Mr Armah in an interview with Skyy News’ Abraham Mensah describe the actions as mere propaganda fashioned to mare his reputation and chances in the coming Regional Delegates Conference.

“I don’t know their definition of [unknown]. I’m known to and by the party members. In fact if I should even ask them a question, that who was the first secretary or the first chairman for the NPP Western Region. Some of them may not even know but they say I’m not known to the party. I’m not. The mere fact that I am not in Takoradi here with you does not suggest I’m not part of the party.”

“Western Region is a vast region. From Takoradi to my constituency [Bia West] for instance its about 350 to 400 km. You can imagine the distance. I am in the system. They may not know me because we are not staying together”, he mocked.

He argues his contribution is non-negotiable, stressing his servitude in his two term appointment as a District Chief executive for the Juaboso- Bia District in 2001 to 2005 and the Foundation District Chief Executive for the Bia District in 2005 to 2009, is evident of his loyalty and commitment to the success of the New Patriotic Party in the Western Region. That notwithstanding, Benjamin Armah stated, he is currently a member of the Western Regional Council of Elders and also a Chairman to the Bia West Constituency.

“If someone has been a DCE for two terms, his contribution is undoubtedly enormous. If it was to be quantified, or aggregated at the corporate level it is a bring contribution”, he mentioned.

He contended his generosity and love for the party has been expressed in several instances during elections, and that every member could attest to that fact.

“Those in Takoradi who come up there in my constituency and around would attest to it [contribution]. When they come to me, their feeding, accommodation and other expenses are borne by me”

Mr Armah appeal to delegates and party faithful to support his candidature come Saturday 21 April, 2018 at the Regional Delegates Conference by voting him into power. He assured his election will bring dignified employment for the youth and a peaceful administration of the party.

“I’m promising the region of a peaceful administration, a peaceful party and make sure our youth are engage in a gainful employment or empowered so that they can also fend for themselves”

Mr Armah says he is dedicated to giving the Western Region an authoritative voice that would champion development for the region.

“I have been inspired by the fact that I need to come and serve as a voice for the Western Region. Because it looks like the Western Region lacks a [mouth piece]. Everything that is done for the region, sounds like a favor granted us. We need to stand up and talk for our people”, Mr Armah noted.

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