Impact of Oil and Gas: There’s been some cost but the benefits are worth it- Tullow MD

Managing Director for Tullow Ghana, Kweku Awotwi has professed that amidst challenges and the negative impact the operations of oil and gas has made in the Western Region, substantial benefits have also been realised. Mr Awotwi explains that Tullow’s social and academic investments in the region and across the country outweigh the negative impact; most often felt in rocketing accommodation charges and other cost of living incurred by residents in their host communities.

Managing Director for Tullow Ghana, Kweku Awotwi

He contended that the oil and gas industry in Ghana is still young but has a great potential for growth. Mr Kweku Awotwi emphasized that Tullow has been committed to building local capacities to match-up with requirements and competition in the industry.

”We are certainly paying more attention to how we are impacting communities going forward. The question about rising cost of living, rent… those are challenges that come when new industries like oil and gas come because all these people come, they spend a lot of money and it affects all of us in different ways. The benefit to that cost is that overtime, we are developing, especially in this area, a core of well trained technicians”, he explained.

He continued that “five years…seven years ago those did not have the skills that they now have. These are highly trained welders, technicians…they are working on very complicated pieces of equipment they did not have that expertise”

Mr Awotwi stressed that the company will continue to invest in the human capital and other sectors of the economy.

“You will see overtime that we are training a group of highly trained technicians, artisans, especially for this industry, and you will see those benefits as more companies come. Even as we’ve spent 30 million in projects, infrastructure…schools, we are spending even more…close to 5 billion dollars on companies who have local partners over the years. So those effects can be quantified, and will continue to grow”, Mr Awotwi added.

The Managing Director for Tullow Ghana made these remarks at a media encounter in the Western Region on Wednesday 5 December, 2018.


Story: Abraham Mensah/Skyy News

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