It pays to exercise!!!

Do you exercise your body routinely? Nine out of ten of us do not. Our excuse- we are too busy, we cannot squeeze in the time. Ironically we make time to watch EPL, that Telenovela and stay on WhatsApp for hours. If only you know the harm you are doing to your health, and the price you pay, very soon for lack of exercise, you would find your jogging boots and make it to coming Saturday Ghana @60 MTN TwinCity Health Walk.
Starting from TTU (Formerly T’Poly) @6am. In 2012, series of studies published in Lancet Medical Journal pointed at lack of exercise as cause for premature death!! People die before their time-simply because of not exercising. The time magazine went so far as to label the situation as a global pandemic. It is recommended that you exercise at least 3 days per week for 30-60 minutes session. Exercise has a lot of benefits, Auntie Adwoa will share with us this morning.

Take a listen…..

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