It’s time to look forward – Confirmed Wassa East DCE

Confirmed District Chief Executive (DCE) for the Wassa East District, Wilson Arthur, says it is time for the Assembly to forget about their political differences and come together to chart a common course for the development of the district. Wilson Arthur says entrenched political differences only delay the growth of the district.

“Now we have to look forward. We have to forget about where they voted, why they voted and now focus”

The media magnate was speaking on Skyy Headline News Wednesday, after his successful confirmation as DCE. Wednesday’s exercise was Mr Arthur’s second time at the bat, after failing to secure the mandatory two-thirds majority “yes” votes on Monday 8th May, 2017. He however secured 77.6% of the Assembly’s votes this time round, with 23 “yes” votes against 7 “no” votes.

He explained that they were able to change his fortune with a change in strategy.

“The first effort we focused on achieving 100% but when we realised the opposition and the stance we had to re-strategize and just get enough to go through.”

The marketing guru outlined his main focus, as he prepares to officially begin his duty.

“I’m mindful of the responsibility placed on my head by God; that I have to be the architect of the future. So I have to work towards making Wassa East a model district in Ghana where wealth is created, where people are happy, where no matter your talent you can find something to do.”

He also mentioned that he will be acting in line with the President’s vision.

“I’m mindful of the promises the President has made. The President has said that he will make Ghana a prosperous nation. The President has made a lot of promises … and it is my job to make the President’s promises a reality.”

Mr Wilson Arthur noted that his foray into the world of politics after spending decades as a private businessman has changed his outlook.

“I’m mindful of the expectations of the people. Politics has given me a new dimension to life. You will be surprised that people have so much confidence in you. And sometimes they need just a little push.

He also called for unity in the district.

I am praying that after voting we will all come together as an assembly. One people, united with one focus and bring development to Wassa East.”

I believe in entrepreneurial governance. What it means is that you don’t only use government resources to develop your area. You bring in private resources.

So if you come to where I am right now you see a lot of private people coming from Takoradi, they are here to support me and they are investors. I will let them see the business opportunities here, they will invest in it, create jobs and employ my people, create wealth and then we move.

There are certain functions that are best done by NGOs and it is because NGOs are not profit motivated.

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