Jomoro: 500 victims of River Tano flood at Ghana Nungua receives help

The One hundred and Seventeen houses that were affected by flood waters at Ghana Nungua in the Jomoro District have been presented with relief items.

Western Region Minister Dr. Kweku Afriyie, regional NADMO Director Abdul Ganiu Mohammed, the Member of Parliament for Jomoro Paul Essien together with other officials presented the relief items including mattresses, buckets, cups and other personal effects.


At least half of the Ghana Nungua Community was flooded when the River Tano overflowed its banks last week Monday.

The half of the town was affected by floods after the river Tano overflowed its banks during heavy rainfalls.

Over five hundred people in One Hundred and Seventeen houses have lost properties worth several thousands of cedis. Chief of Ghana Nungua Nana Nana Awuah Enwuulu Kpanyi 1 said the last time the town flooded was some 30 years ago.


He blamed the flooding on some practices in Elubo. According to him, areas that retain water have all been filled for housing purposes.


The affected are now seeking refuge at the Chief’s palace and other uncompleted buildings. Abdul Ganiu Mohammed indicated the boundaries of the River Tano will have to be rid of some structures to prevent future flooding.

“We have to either relocate the [affected residents] or to see to it that the boundaries of the River is secured. This way the water will not spill over into the community”.

The Member of Parliament for Jomoro, Hon. Paul Essien observed that the best solution will be relocation.

“This situation is not perennial. The last time a similar one happened was some thirty years ago. So this is a very big surprise because the river is far away from the community. We thank God no life was lost. If you look at the areas that were affected the are all dry areas. However, i think the best think is to evacuate those living close to the River Tano and taken to the other side of the community”.

“Majority of the affected buildings are made of mud so immediately it retains water then there is a problem. So what we have also planned to do is to support some of them with cement to strengthen their buildings. What we are waiting for now is for the water to recede then we will move in, the MP told our Skyy Power Fm’s Emmanuel Kwame Dogbey.

In a related development residents in areas that have been hit be flash floods are applauding the regional office of the National Disaster Management Organization NADMO for the quick response. More than five thousand people in five districts here in the Western Region have been affected by flood.

Fortunately, no death has been recorded but only minor injuries. About ninety percent of the victims have received one relief item or the other to help in these times of distress.

But is it not becoming tiresome for the NADMO to be engaging in this spree? Is there another way some of these disaster could be avoided? For example a cursory look around will reveal that some buildings are resting on water ways.

The infamous building at White Diamonds at the Effia Constituency is still standing despite numerous threats to pull it down. This year, many have forgotten about that building because there was no flood.

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