Jomoro DCE confirmation is November 1

The confirmation of the District Chief Executive for Jomoro will be held on Wednesday November 1, 2017.

The date for the confirmation was revealed to Skyy news by the acting Western Regional Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party Francis Ndede Siah.

According to him the date came from the Local Government Ministry that the confirmation exercise for Hon. Ernest Koffie should be held on November 1, 2017. Wednesday’s exercise will be the fourth attempt to elect a DCE for Jomoro.

“The date for the nomination came from the ministry of local government through a communiqué to the coordinating director of Jomoro and the Presiding member of Jomoro and per the communique the date is November 1, 2017. From the day that the president nominates, we have 21 days to confirm the person’s nomination so you cannot schedule a day for conformation by yourself. It is a process so you cannot say because you have been nominated today, tomorrow we should go for the confirmation. The confirmation date should come from the ministry and per the communique it is November 1, 2017 and we are content with the date”.

Mr. Francis Ndede Siah further expressed his content with the date by explaining that “the communicated date will give us amble time to galvanize the various assembly members. I believe the date will give the nominee an ample time to visit the various assembly members to ask for their support”.

The first nominee Eric Muah failed on all three attempts to get confirmed.

But Mr. Ndede Siah is confident the assembly members will be more considerate this time and vote for Hon. Ernest Koffie. He says all the relevant persons have been contacted to help give the nominee a one – touch victory.

“We have been in talks with the assembly members. Mr. Ernest Koffie is not perturbed at all. He has been talking with the assembly members about his dreams and vision for the assembly and l believe that God willing by November 1, the assembly members will show respect to the President by voting for Hon. Ernest Koffie”.

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