Kansaworodo: Kidnapping goes wrong, mum struggles with assailant to rescue son

For the bravado exhibited by a mother, a 12 year old son could have been kidnapped.

Eyewitnesses say, the “kidnapper” was wearing dreadlocks and carried a sack, walking busily through the Kansaworodo township at 4pm today.

“He called onto the innocent kid, asking him to show him where he could buy a mobile phone battery. Suddenly he dragged the kid by the hand. The mother [name withheld], who was just a few meters away rush to his rescue. But the assailant pushed her to the ground. She shouted for help and the “kidnapper” bolted into the cemetery”, Edward [an eyewitness] told Skyy News.

Residents have since stormed the cemetery with matchetes and clubs. The Police is yet to get to the scene.
Another witness said that “a similar attack was made on yesterday but failed.

The community is on high alert and would not spare anyone caught in this evil”.

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