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Kidnap Updates: Police trails 4 ghost names, as public anxiety heightens

To what was expected to be a relief to the hearts of burdened families and residents in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis regarding investigations into the kidnap of some three young ladies, turned to be a saddening news, as the Western Region Police Command claim to be an exercise in futility over leads given by the suspected kidnapper; Samuel Udoetuk Wills.

At a press conference this morning Regional Commander for the Western Region Police, DCOP Vincent Redeemer Dedjoe said the police had acted upon four names of suspects and complicit but proved futile.

“Police have discovered some gadgets from the accused for evidential purpose and has been forwarded to the CID Headquarters, Accra for analysis. The accused person earlier mentioned of four persons alleged to be involved in the kidnapping. The police have made strenuous efforts to arrest these suspects from their hideout proved futile. The police are still vigorously searching for the kidnapped girls”, he said.

He is however urging residents to volunteer any useful information that could lead to the rescue of these ladies.

“The general public is urged to come forward with credible information leading to the rescue of the victims. We are also appealing to the parents of the victims to stay calm as police is working around the clock to rescue the victims”, DCOP Dedjoe emphasized.

DCOP Dedjoe maintains that the case requires a degree of professionalism and thus cautioned relatives to refrain from divulging sensitive information to the public so that police investigation is not jeopardise.

“…when parents are affected in this issue, anybody coming to them, maybe the information they, they can easily pass it on these people [suspected complicit] give them can easily jeopardise or even create problem for whatever we are doing”, he cautioned.

But security analyst, David Agbey thinks the police are rather lackadaisical. He expects the Police to intensify their investigative mechanism.

“The police has been lackadaisical towards this particular case. What we do know when somebody commits a criminal offence like kidnapping, the Police should have been more proactive enough, they should have been more alert enough at sending the signal to all the regional commanders and district commanders in this country. They should have sent a signal to all of them, that somebody has perpetrated a criminal activity by kidnapping somebody”, Mr. Agbey fired.

“The first case that was reported as far back in August, what was the police officials in Takoradi doing? They were sitting there doing practically nothing. It was like they didn’t care about the whole matter”, he added.


Kidnap Cases so far

DCOP Redeemer Dedjoe recounted that only three cases of this nature have been reported to the Police between August and December 2018. However other cases are outstanding. Below is a list of them.


  1. August 15, 2018 

    The first incident happened on Wednesday, August 15, when a 16-year-old senior high school student was kidnapped about a hundred meters from her house at New Site in Takoradi.

    The girl who was abandoned the next day close to her house, has been rendered dumb, possibly traumatized by her ordeal.

    2. August 17, 2018 

    A 21-year-old lady was also kidnapped at Nkroful junction, also in the Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis.

    Her father said his daughter called him that day, August 17, 2018, sounding very agitated and screaming “dad” repeatedly, after which the line dropped and the phone was put off.

    The kidnappers later got in touch with a ransom demand. YEN.com.gh does not have news on her present situation.

    3. November 14, 2018 

    The kidnapping attempt this time was foiled. A teacher of the Donewell Methodist Academy in Effiekuma, Florence Ekua Egyir, recounting the incident to Paa Kwesi Simpson on Connect FM’s ‘Omanbapa’ Morning Show, said the attempt was was made on girls aged 3 between 8.

    Egyir said they were on their way to school in the company of their 11-year-old sister, on Wednesday, November 14 when the unidentified woman hatched, albeit failed attempt, to kidnap them.

    4. December 4, 2018 

    A group of unidentified men who posed as workers of mobile telecom giant, MTN Ghana, kidnapped an 18-year-old lady in Takoradi.

    The men were said to have advertised a supposed job opening at MTN Ghana in a WhatsApp group and encouraged interested persons to call a contact provided in the advertisement to apply for the job.

    5. December 21, 2018 

    Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie, a 15-year-old girl was believed to be one of the people to have been kidnapped in Sekondi-Takoradi.

    The victim, a first-year student of Sekondi College in the Western Region, was said to have disappeared on December 21. She has not been found and her parents have launched a search party.


Story: Abraham Mensah/Skyy News

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