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Kwesimintsim: 20 year old Mubarik lynched for “hoarding” stolen items

Relatives of a twenty year old gentleman who got lynched last Sunday in Kwesimintsim are demanding justice for the loss of their innocent RELATIVE. The gentleman, whose name has been given as Mubarik, was brutalized by some residents in the neighborhood, over suspicion of hoarding stolen electrical appliances in his room.

The mob who accused Mubarik for the crime of aiding and abetting thievery, justified their action that “the Municipal Police Commander has sanctioned the fight against thievery in their community”, an eyewitness told Skyy News.

It is reported that Murbarik passed away some minutes on route to Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital after being reffered by the Kwesimintsim District Hospital that Sunday.

Surprisingly, according to an account by a close relative; Sultan Mohammed, the deceased left home that day for a wedding ceremony, only to be informed by neighbors on Monday dawn that their son, is dying

“We were called by some neighbors around 1am that one relative is lying behind our house…he’s dying. We went there and he was covered in bruises. Some say, a cab rushed into the neighborhood and deposited him there”, he narrated.

Mr Mohammed however added that the late Mubarik was a Tramadol addict. He disputed the allegations that the deceased relative had anything to do with thievery.

“He’s not a thief. We have been receiving conflicting information as to what really happened. But for the said items they claim was in his possession, no one could confidently prove it. We know that he was an aggressive person though…. We can’t say he was thief”, Mr Mohammed cried.

He has by custom of his faith been buried. The relatives have been to the police since the incident occurred

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