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Kwesimintsim hospital in serious infrastructural deficit – Administrator

The Administrator of the Kwesimintsim Hospital, Felix Osei Kesse has emphasized that the facility is faced by serious infrastructural deficit.

The Kwesimintsim District Hospital is the only governmental health facility in the new Effia Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly of the Western Region.

Speaking to Skyy New’s, Victor Baffour Awuah, the administrator clarified that a few add-ons have been made to improve infrastructure at the hospital, since its upgrade in almost a decade ago.

“I must say that the infrastructure expansion that were supposed to be done to bring it to the status of a hospital was not done. So we have the same old structures that existed as a polyclinic… only a few additions at that time. It’s the same structures that has existed as at now, so there is a hug gab when it comes to infrastructure for service delivery”, he lamented.

“….as the district hospital in the newly created municipality [Effia Kwesimintsim Municipality], we don’t have an accident and emergency unit. And that is a very big challenge to us management. It is not helping our cause of providing quality care especially to victims who are involved in accidents who are rushed in here on emergency basis”, he narrated.

He contended that it is a necessity for every hospital to have an accident and emergency unit.

Mr Kesse bemoans that some spaces are being converted into multiple usage, just to meet the growing demand and pressure on the hospital. He mentioned that a ward in the hospital now serves as the female ward, Children Ward and Accident and Emergency unit, stressing the condition is not conducive for patients they serve. He is therefore appealing to the public and corporate bodies to come to their aid.

“But what is happening now is that because we don’t have an accident and emergency unit, we have combined the children’s ward that is also serving as a female’s ward, and a small portion that has been taken to serve as the accident and emergency unit. So the place almost all the time is over -crowded. Apart from this, the people who are rushed in under such circumstances do not receive the needed attention and care that they deserve. So we urgently require an accident and emergency unit”, Mr Kesse explained.

He continued that “we also have an urgent need for a children’s and female ward. Ideally you are not supposed to mix them up with all these cases because the immunity of children is not like the adult. So as we combine them in such an environment, sometimes you are even doing them more harm than good”


Story: Abraham Mensah/Victor Baffour Awuah

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