Licensure exams: We’re training private school teachers to keep their jobs – GHNACOPS

The Executive Director of the Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GHNACOPS) , Mr. Enoch Kwasi Gyetuah has revealed that plans are far advanced to ensure that teachers in the private education sector in Ghana retain their jobs, in the face of growing fears of about four hundred thousand (400,000) of them losing their jobs come September, 2019. He says the council is embarking on series of workshops to get teachers trained to enable them pass the license examinations, which has now become a prerequisite for a teacher to become a Professional in Ghana . This according to them will save the situation.

”We are not afraid, we are rather sensitizing the members on the current trends of education and the current reforms that the education ministry is bringing on board we do not want to complain we want to train our members. We also educating the proprietors to encourage their teachers to take advantage of the reforms and upgrade themselves because if you don’t update, you will be left out. And in September, you will automatically be laid off,” he noted.

Over 400,000 untrained teachers in the private education sector risk losing their jobs in September this year. This has come about as a result of government’s firm stance for teachers to undergo licensure examination before being qualified as a teachers in the country.

The Government last year introduced compulsory Teachers Licensure Exams to ensure all teachers in the country are licensed before they practice. Deadline is September 2019, and the directive affects both public and private institutions. But the Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GHNACOPS) believes the move is unfortunate and will affect private schools.

According to its Executive Director, Mr. Enoch Kwasi Gyetuah, over 400,000 of their teachers will be laid off in September as a consequence.

“The decision will affect the private education, and most of the private schools will be closed down because as we speak now, most of the private schools teachers are SHS graduates and they don’t have the requisite standards needed to sit for the exams. So if we don’t take actions and find solutions to these problems it will affect the private education and those numbers will be laid off come September,”  Mr. Enoch Kwasi Gyetuah indicated.


Story by: Eric Nana Gyetua/SKyy News/Takoradi

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