Massive corruption uncovered at Dixcove Water Board

An internal audit of books of the Dixcove Water and Sanitation Board has revealed the misappropriation of funds of up to ninety thousand (90,000.00) Ghana cedis.

The report spanning the period of 2014 to 2016, which was intercepted by Skyy Power FM, reveals several breaches in the legal regime that governs the activities of the said Board.

Some of the relevant findings of the audit report are as follows;

1. Failure by Board Members and Staff to repay loans advanced to themselves.

2. Failure by the Boars to operate three separate accounts as stipulated by their own bye laws.

3. Other operational irregularities spanning three years.


*Non-payment of Loans/Advances by Board*

On non-repayment of loans and advances made to themselves, ten Board members and staff of the Dixcove Water and Sanitation Board have, together, not paid a cumulative remainder of loans amounting to three thousand, nine hundred and fifty-one cedi, seventy-three pesewas (GHC3,951.73). This, according to the report, contravenes Regulation 112 the Financial Memoranda Regulation (L.I 1802) that mandates Heads of Departments to ensure that advances issued are duly recovered in accordance to appropriate agreement.


*Spending Without Proper Checks and Balances*

The report chided the Board for undertaking capital expenditures without recourse to laid down rules.

According to Section 17(1b):of the district assembly by-laws on the establishment and operations of Water and Sanitation Development Boards, any cheque drawn on the capital account must also be co-signed by the District Coordinating Director.

However, per the report, none of the capital expenditure amounting to thirty-five thousand, eight hundred and ninety-nine Ghana cedi (35,899.00) was co-signed by the District Coordinating Director.

“Our audit revealed that none OE capital expenditure (GHC35,899.00) undertaken during the period by the Board had been co-signed by the District Coordinating Director. This could be as a result of the non-availability of such an account, in the first place,” the report stated.

Another breach and irregularity undertaken by the Board was the use of capital account to fund maintenance work contrary to Section 17(3a) which states that “the capital account shall be used for major raids, extensions and replacement of the water system. The capital account shall not be used to sport routine operation and maintenance”.

” A scrutiny of the document reveals that an amount of two thousand, six-hundred and twenty cedi (2,620.00) was used for the maintenance of pump motor and control panel”


*Other Operational Irregularities*

The audited report goes on to reveal that:

“a. Seven (7) receipts (revenue) could not be traced in the cash book. This anomaly resulted in an amount of four hundred and eighty-six cedi (486.00).

” b. Twenty (21) duplicate receipts were written with pen which contradicts Part VIII, paragraph 8 of the Financial Memoranda for MMDAs which states that NO alteration shall be made on a receipt whether fixed fee or otherwise.”

Skyy Power FM, led by the Jolly Breakfast Show team is following up on the report and will furnish our listeners and readers with all updates.



By: Samuel Kojo Brace

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