METKA-Amandi Ltd: Community Negotiations for job security protested by Assembly Member

An attempt by stakeholders to resolve a recurring conflict between the Abuesi – Aboadze and its environs, and METKA and Amandi Construction Limited, yesterday, was met with serious protest by some youth of the area. METKA is the firm contracted by the government of Ghana, for the establishment of a 192 megawatt (MW) combined cycle power plant in Shama District. For close to a year the communities have been agitating over what they say is a discriminatory and exclusion of indigens for job placement opportunities by the company, in the on-going construction work in the area.

Acknowledging the impact these conflicts could have on the project, an emergency meeting was held with management of the companies, the Western Region Minister, the Member of Parliament for the area, District Chief Executive and other representatives from the traditional councils in the enclave, to bring to and end this problem. Among other actions, a Memorandum of Understanding was to be signed between the developer and the communities to ensure the security of jobs for the people.

“Emerging issues and events have caused for that amicable agreement which will lower the tension that is going on in the area”, Hon Amoah stressed.

Unfortunately, the very beneficiaries [the youth], according to the DCE for the area, Joseph Amoah were instigated by an assembly member to reject the proposition.

“The assembly member for Aboadze objected to it [MoU]…that he will not agree to such arrangement, and that the youth may sign onto the MoU at their own peril. And that also instigated the youth to object to whatever we planned doing there. Meanwhile he was part of the meeting”, he lamented.

He bemoaned that “the youth don’t really understand the issues”.

“This is an opportunity for us as leaders within the district to even ensure that some of you are taken on board but I don’t know for whatever reason they won’t agree to this”, he said

Hon Joseph Amoah remarked that the assembly would have to file a report on the issue for the Western Region’s Minister, for further actions to taken to address the problem.


Story: Abraham Mensah

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