Prof Kwesi Yankah

Minister for Tertiary Education calls for stronger academia-industry networking to drive research for development

Ghana’s Minister in charge of Tertiary Education, Professor Kwesi Yankah is calling for a broader and stronger inter-connection between academia and industries to drive applications of research for national development.

Despite the continued provision of aides to promote research in the country, Prof. Yankah laments there exist a wider gap between institutional research and public policy.

He adds several useful research documentations have been abandoned, one he stressed is a wastage of the taxpayers’ money.

“…the fact that serious research often funded by the taxpayer sometimes gets rust and remain on abandoned shelves.

Prof. Yankah charged universities and research institutions across the country to establish offices of Research and Development to promote research and its application for development.

“I would like to urge universities and research institutions to open corridors to continuously dialogue with policy makers as well as industry. The establishment of offices for research and development is a must for all universities and research institutions”, Prof Yankah charged.

He continued that “such offices could provide a database of ongoing research and summarise to make some available to relevant policy makers and industries”

Prof. Yankah made these remarks at the 10th Congregation of the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa.

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