Dr Assibey- Bonsu

Natural Resource Exploitation: Technology key to identifying new ones as others deplete

In the face of a growing concern for depleting natural resources, technology is the surest way to sustain their usage, and also explore newer and economic viable minerals to support our development, Group Head Geostatistician and Evaluator, Corporate Technical Services at Gold Fields Corporate Office, West Perth Australia, Dr Winfred Assibey –Bonsu has opined.

According to the scholar, there abound rich mineral reserves that the earth and universe could offer for human and economic development.

He however stressed that such exploration could only be realized through research and technological advancement.

“I believe there would be lot of things that we haven’t found yet, and technology is also changing…things which are even not economic with technological development we can bring them to be economic. So it goes back to research and development. And looking at actually finding new things because there are much to find”, he said.


Story: Abraham Mensah/Skyy News

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