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NDC Congress:I foresaw my defeat- Solomon Nkansah

Defeated Communications Director for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Solomon Nkansah has disclosed that he foresaw his defeat even before the congress.

According to him certain circumstances, some he admitted was his doing accounted for his defeat at the just ended congress.

He said; “I must confess, I saw it coming”

Mr. Nkansah admitted that his demeanor and attitude towards others whiles he was in office was in some instances not the best of him, and thus could be an attributing factor to his defeat.

“I admit I was at fault. I disrespected some people not that I was arrogant. And that is part of the cause to my defeat”, he added.

He continued that his campaigning was fraught with financial challenges and other inter-relational problems among his team leading to the election.

“Do you know we have a spirit of confusion… one that rocked my campaign team at Accra?. So I had to dissolve it. Again due to some financial challenges, I was unable to complete my campaigning in the country. Two weeks to congress… I had to credit certain services and goods to support my campaign. I had to rely on personal resources and donations from sympathizers”

Mr Solomon Nkansah however believes the defeat is a blessing in disguise to him.

“The defeat is also good news for me. People thought I was wealthy,… I had helped a lot of people. You know people do really have different perceptions about others. So I think it’s not a bad experience. I’m thankful to all those who supported me”, he indicated.

“I’m still a member of the NDC”, he charged.

Solomon Nkansah made this revealation to Host of the Pulse, Victor Baffour Awuah, on Skyy Power FM today.


Story: Abraham Mensah/Skyy News

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