NHIS: Service providers call for a review of price charge

Some service providers in the Western Region are calling for an upward adjustment in price charges for medical treatment given to beneficiaries under the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

According to them, service providers have been made to bear price fluctuations since the last price review in 2014. They say, the condition has burdened most health facilities in the country, especially in times where most arrears under the scheme have since not been cleared.

The service providers warn that if the situation is not resolved, the country is likely to be plunged into a cash-and-carry system in the coming days. They admit the National Health Insurance Authority could hardly raise the minimum reserves required for health care in the country given the scanty amount beneficiaries pay as premium. They recommend the authority adopts a premium package that reflects on the various socio-economic classes in the country.

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