Obrempong Hima Dekyi XIV

Obrempong Himah Dekyi XIV lobbys GNPC for developmental infrastructures

An impressive appeal by the Paramount Chief for Upper Dixcove traditional area, Obrempong Himah Dekyi XIV, has been made on the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) to support in the provision of some infrastructural needs of people in that locality.

At the climax of the 2018 Kundum Festival in Dixcove, Obrempong Himah Dekyi XIV recounted that the only health facility, one constructed by his predecessor has since its establishment witness no massive rehabilitation and development.

“This is the only health facility in the municipality. There hasn’t been any improvement in terms of infrastructure since its establishment by my predecessor. Doctors, nurses don’t have accommodation here. Most of them have rented apartments in town. It is very worrying particularly in emergency situations to get them attend to a patient”, he explained.

He noted the facility is in urgent need of a decent accommodation for health providers. He charged that GNPC consider supporting them put up a 20 room accommodation for the hospital.

“We of Upper and Lower Dixcove have agreed to put up a nurses quarters for the hospital. We want a twenty room accommodation for them”, he stressed.

Obrempong Himah Dekyi XIV spoke about the need for an ice making factory to support the fisheries industry in the area. He maintained that the Dixcove community is mainly dominated by fishermen. He appealed to the GNPC through the abled CEO, Dr K.K Sarpong to support that venture.

“Our fishermen have to travels as far as Tema to purchase ice blocks to preserve their fish. We don’t need any huge amount to put up an ice production factory. We need just about GH160,000 to construct this factory”, he noted.

“This ice factory would create jobs for our youth, we can sell this the ice at a very affordable rate to our fishermen. So please help us put up this ice making factory”, he appealed.

He also mentioned that the Dixcove community is abound with talents in football. He asked that an Astroturf Football pitch be created in the area to harness the potential for national development.


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