Okatakyie Amankwa Afrifa, convinced of wining WR NPP Secretary Position

An aspirant for the Western Region’s New Patriotic Party Secretary position, Okatakyie Amankwa Afrifa is convinced of winning the executive position this year. Mr Afrifa beliefs his political experience and servitude to the party is unparalleled.

He explains his exceptional attributes and dedication is known to every delegate and the party at large.

“I stand tall in respect of my political opponents in terms of my knowledge and political management. I don’t see that in any of my competitors. I have humbly served learning as an apprentice and now I think there is time for me to be passed out to take the mantel. And this is the time for somebody who has learnt like myself to be given the nod”, he stated.

Okatakyie Amankwa Afrifa has been a two- term Assistant Secretary during the tenure of Anthony K.K Sam [then Regional Secretary for the NPP from 2009 to 2013], who is now the Mayor for the STMA. He avers his hard work and selfless dedication to his office and party helped strengthened gains as well as amassing votes and loyalists for the party in a rather politically biased region that was then dominated by their opponent; NDC.

In 2013, Mr Afrifa contested but lost for the Secretary position. The party, he said, for acknowledging his qualities and hardwork, appointed him as the Communications Director for the Western Region, which he served with zeal. Mr Afrifa mentions, his leadership led to the composition of a vibrant and formidable communications team in every part of the region, arguing his contribution and that of the team significantly resulted into their victory in the region.

“I’ve really boosted the image of communications in the Western Region. I have 26 communications team in the region, each for the 26 constituencies”

Mr. Afrifa appealed to delegates to give him the nod in the upcoming Regional Delegates Conference slated for Saturday 21 April, 2018 at Tarkwa Nsuaem. He assures his election will not only result in the retention of political power for the NPP beyond 2020 but also persuade and attract voters from their political opponents, and thereby undoubtedly making the Western Region a stronghold for the NPP.

“My main aim is to work so hard for the NPP western region to be a party that would attract our opponents to join, so that we can retain power for 2020 and beyond. And also give job opportunities for people who worked tirelessly for the party in 2016”

He admitted it is a herculean task but stressed “per my political history and profile it is now time for me to be promoted to a regional secretary”.

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