Parliamentary Select Committee on Works and Housing inspects sea defense projects in Western Region.

The Parliamentary Select Committee on Works and Housing has embarked on an inspection tour of the Western Region to examine progress of work on the various sea defense projects ongoing in region.

Government as part of protecting properties and lives as well as the coastal belts, has secured funding to construct about 10 sea defense walls along coastal communities in the country. The Western Region will have a total of 4 sea defense walls constructed.

The inspection on some on-going sea defense wall projects by the committee was informed by publications that contractors working on the sea defense projects in the country have abandoned them due to indebtedness of the government.

The team inspected projects at Funko, Dixcove, and Adjoa.

Chairman for the Parliamentary Committee on Works and Housing, Nana Amoako, after the inspection, expressed satisfaction that all sea defense projects are still on-going in the Western Region.

Explaining their mandate as a committee, Nana Amoako stated that the projects will help the country secure its coastlines, and also to create tourist sites.

We are responsible for inspecting all the projects being executed by the Works and Housing Ministry. So far, we are on the right course. This is a very capital intensive project. If you can find the capital, it is a good course. It helps you to expand the beach to create a beautiful beach and have a nice tourist attraction. It is about two component; safeguarding the people and for us to create a nice tourist attraction up here,” he stated.

The delegation also visited Dixcove, where a similar project is being constructed by Rajga Limited at a cost of Gh140million. This project is expected to be completed in a space of 6 months. Mr. Abdul Alhasaan, CEO of the construction firm, assured that the project will be completed within the stipulated period.

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