Pay us our compensation before Christmas- Disgruntled Land owners charges Ghana Gas

Dozens of landowners from communities along the Ghana Gas Pipeline have issued a two month ultimatum to the Ghana Gas Company Limited to honour payment of their compensations due them over an encroachment on their lands.

The disgruntled landowners claim that the company have thus far paid compensations for crops destroyed as a result of the development. They have since 2012 been pushing for the fulfillment of outstanding payment of compensations for the lands encroached upon by Ghana Gas but to no avail. A suit was filed by the group to enforce their demands from Ghana Gas.

A Sekondi High Court on October 25, 2017 ruled that Ghana Gas satisfies claims of compensation by these landowners, after a thorough investigation and valuation is undertaken and report submitted by the Land Valuation Board (LVB) of the Lands Commission in earnest.

Leader for the group, Stephen Kojo Koranteng in an exclusive interview with Skyy News’ Abrahama Mensah, claimed that the Lands Valuation Board has been irresponsive to orders by the court and thus have frustrated their attempts at securing their compensations from Ghana Gas. As a result Mr Koranteng added that the LVB has maintained a deafening ear to their plight.

“I tell you it’s terrible, we’ve written series of letters to LVB. They’ve never responded to any of our letters. Ghana Gas, …we’ve had one response from them. And they are saying they don’t have any problem regarding the payment. The only challenge they say is the documentation form the Land Valuation Board. Without them they cannot pay us”, Mr Koranteng said.

He cried that their compensations are long overdue, and that some undesired actions would be taken against the company should they fail to pay them before Christmas this year.

“We plead with Ghana Gas to liaise with Land Valuation Board to get our documents ready, so that we have our money paid before X’mas. To avoid any unpleasant circumstances, they must get this done”, he charged.

But Ghana Gas has indicated that the monies for the compensations are ready. However, they argue that, any payment could only be made to property owners subject to valuation reports submitted by the Lands Valuation Board.

Community Liaison of the Ghana Gas Company Limited, Stephen Donkor in an interview on Skyy Power Fm’s, Jolly Breakfast Show emphasized that a meeting is scheduled in Accra this Thursday with the Land Valuation Board and the company to finalise decisions on the compensation.

He added that the monies for the compensation have been deposited in an escrow account awaiting the final report by the Land Valuation Board for disbursement.

Mr Donkor however noted that, some conflicting issues regarding land titles evolve around a couple of claims submitted, and for which reason could be attended to in some other time.


Story: Abraham Mensah/Skyy News

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