Planting for Foods and Jobs: Shama DCE bemoans women’s participation, as they represented only 18 percent of registered farmers

Out of the over eight hundred farmers that have registered so far under government’s Planting for Foods and Jobs programme in the Shama district, only eighteen percent of them are women. This the District Chief Executive for the area, Joseph Amoah finds worrying. Mr Amoah couldn’t fathom why women’s participation in the agricultural program has been relatively lower than expected given the historical account of their involvement in the agriculture particularly for a rural district like his.

In an exclusive interview with Skyy News at the sidelines of the 34th edition of the National Farmers Day Celebration held on December 3, 2018, Mr Amoah however attributed the phenomenon to some entrenched cultural systems and beliefs which hinder their capacity and interest to sign up for the programme.

He said the assembly would thus going forward embark on a massive campaign to whip up women’s interest in the Planting for Foods and Jobs programme.

‘We are going to take up a conscious educational program through our public relations department to get to the women and let them know the benefits that are available to them as farmers for them to come on board”, he said

Mr. Joseph Amoah disclosed that the district as part of a national policy under the Planting for Export and Rural Development, will distribute about 10,000 and 20,000 of oil palm and coconut seedlings respectively, freely to farmers.

“We are also planning under the planting for export and rural development to also cultivate about 10,000 oil palm seedlings and also about 26000 coconut seedlings to be distributed to farmers who are interested to go into cash crops that have been identified that program to help our farmers to enter into the cash crop production which will bring more money into their pocket”, Hon. Amoah stressed .


Story: Janet Okyere/Skyy News

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