Political Vigilantism not ending now, expect a new breed – Criminologist

It has been hypothesized that political vigilantism in Ghana may take on a new face in the coming elections, as government moves at disbanding them within all political parties. President of Ghana, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo  in his 2019 State of the Nation Address that the charged that political parties as a matter of urgency must voluntarily disband all vigilante groups in the country latest by next week.

The President emphasised that such a change would require a dialogue with political parties on possible ways to completely flush them out.

Criminologist, Emmanuel Sowatey argues that disbanding these groups would require some time, adding they may metamorphose into another form of violent groups in, or around the political circles.

“Many think this vigilantism can end today. Even when laws are enacted, or the president state something about it…its not possible. It has deep historical roots, its going to be a gradual thing. I tell you that in the next three elections we will still find vigilantism in different forms”, he elaborated.

Mr Sowatey justified that there are a multiplicity of factors that fuels this deviancy, and that must be taken into consideration as well.

According to Mr. Sowatey, the severity of punishment and or deterrence to commit such heinous crimes are vital to eradicating it.

He made this disclosure in an interview on the Jolly Breakfast Show with Samuel Kojo Brace this morning.

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