President Akuffo Addo assures Western Region of a regional hospital

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo has assured that plans are afoot for the Western Region to get a regional hospital.

He revealed that the Ministry of Health is currently considering four proposals one of which is the considering for a regional hospital for the Western Region.

Currently out of the ten regions in the country it is only the Eastern and Western regions that are without a regional hospital.

Addressing the management and staff of the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital President Akuffo Addo noted that even though the Effia Nkwanta Hospital has taken on the role of a regional hospital another hospital that will be officially recognized as a regional hospital will be more appropriate.

“My understanding is that, there are only two regions in Ghana that do not have a regional hospital. One is Eastern Region and the other is the Western Region even though Effia Nkwanta performed that role for many years. In fact there is no formal regional hospital here. Funding is been secured by government to begin the construction of a regional hospital in the Eastern Region. Ministry of health is now examining four different proposals for the construction of a regional hospital in the Western Region and clearly for that to happen, my visit here should mean something”.

He stated that as the government considers a regional hospital it will still not abandon any rehabilitation efforts for the Effia Nkwanta Hospital.

“I don’t think it will be right that because we want to build a new regional hospital, we will abandon this famous old hospital here. I don’t think it will be right, and am going to do whatever I can and with the support of the ministry to make sure that doesn’t happen especially since it already has an important teaching and other facilities here”.

Nana Addo explained that what his government intends doing is to rebuild the country’s health infrastructure to guarantee a more efficient health care delivery.

“We will begin not just with the physical rehabilitation but also the preparation of the human materials in our health care delivery system and then also the rehabilitation and revival of our National Health Insurance Scheme. It was [President] Kuffour’s great legacy to our nation.  We are back in office, those of us who worked with [President] Kuffour, it is our duty to restore the National Health Insurance Scheme back to full health and vitality and that is what we are going to do”.

The President asked Ghanaians for support and understating stressing, “we are going to do our very best to give this nation a first class health delivery system that the people of Ghana deserve”.

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