Productivity: A product of Knowledge, skill, attitude and environment

  • Date posted:2017-04-12
  • Date posted:09:32:24

  • Productivity is a function of knowledge, skills, attitude and environment.

    Given same knowledge, skill, attitude, the environment can determine how effective and efficient one can be.

    It is gratifying to know about the exploits of Ghanaians in world organisations such as Kofi Annan when he was Boss of UNITED NATIONS, Michael Essien at Chelsea, Abedi Pele at,  Maseille Desailly as French National Team captain.

    Interestingly, highly competent people can be found in their hundreds of thousands, but the nation seem to be crawling. This morning we review the environment within which we operate. Aunti Adwoa is all set,

    Take a listen to today’s lesson on the Millionaires’ mind.

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