Railway Workers Union unhappy with takeover of its lands by private entities

The Ghana Railways Workers Union has observed with great concern the wanton sale and encroachment of railway lands by private companies and individuals.

The union is worried should this trend continue government’s quest of revamping the rail sector will be disadvantaged.

The union has therefore written a resolution to the Ministry of Rail ways Redevelopment to help resolve the concern raised.

Speaking to Skyy news on the sidelines of a regular National Executive Council meeting, in Takoradi on Monday January 22, 2018 General Secretary of the Union Godwin Ntaamah indicated in their resolution is “a call on government to ban all forms of lease on Rail ways lands and also conduct a review of all lease on railway lands and offices”.

He further indicated, there is the need to review the Railway ACT 779, as the act by its nature could thwart efforts in revamping the railways sector.

“The ACT transfers all asserts hitherto owned by the Ghana Railways Corporation limited to the Ghana Railway development Authority… in effect the Ghana Railways Corporation Limited could not boast of a property of its own and this has contributed to the sale and encroachment of lands by private individuals”.

Mr.Godwin Ntaamah also urged government to attach a great deal of urgency in the revamping of the Western rail lines.

He is of the view the Western rail lines when revamped will have a rippling effect on the country’s economy since there are several companies and natural resource along the line which will require an active rail line to support their operations.

“If government will focus on developing the Western Rail line with the four years of it administration that will go a long way to boast the country’s economic fortunes because when the Western rail line is fully revamped we can commute cocoa, bauxite and manganese via rails for export. This will boost Ghana’s economic fortunes.


Story by: Stephen Cudjoe